$1-Per-Day Business Promotion Membership “一日一元商业推广计划”

Membership Benefits:

  • Free Business Listing: A member can input its business information in our business directory in the section of community service.
  • Free Promotion: Your business information will be categorized accordingly. We promote individual listing categories in Events365.us in appropriate spots in the platform pages or posts.
  • Free Posting: A member is allowed to post articles in events365.us with no charge (subject to our editor’s final approval for publication).


  • 免费 商家查询数据库(供客户查询): 会员可以免费注册社区服务供应商清单(最新推出),让客户很容易找到使用商家服务。
  • 免费 推广: 商家信息将分门别类,定期按类别在Events365.us的相关板块或受欢迎的帖子中发布
  • 免费 发帖: 商家可以免费发布帖子(非直接广告内容),并在后面附上商家的基本信息。点击参见实例

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